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Historical Importance

The Bronte Way

The Bronte Way

If you are local to this area, then you won’t need us to tell you about the presence of the ‘Bronte Way’ adjacent to the proposed development site.

According to the information provided by Banks Renewables to date, the Bronte Way will end up being literally in the middle of the wind farm, with 2 giant 100m industrial turbines located on either side of the footpath.

Also known as Black Edge Lane at this particular point, the Bronte Way is a public right of way. It is a 69km (43 mile) long distance footpath which starts at Oakwell Hall in Birstall and ends at Gawthorpe Hall near Burnley.

The route winds through many places of interest to Bronte enthusiasts, including the Bronte Birthplace in Thornton, Ponden Hall (“Thrushcross Grange” in Emily Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights”), Wycoller, and of course, the village of Haworth itself.


As the objection document to the wind mast planning application from the ‘Bronte Society’ indicates, ‘Haworth and its moorlands have international cultural and historical significance and any proposals which have an adverse impact on this significance are to be disapproved of.’

If what you are reading concerns you, we would appreciate it if you would please go to our online petition and lodge your objection. Thank you in advance for your support.

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