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Trapped in our own homes

Another concern, is that the value of houses will drop as a result of the windfarm development.  If someone was to decide that they could not live with any adverse effects brought about by the turbines, and their home was worth less than the money owed on their mortgage, that person would in fact be trapped in this location by negative equity through no fault of their own.  This principle is supported by the fact that some local authorities in the UK have had to reduce the council tax band of some homes that have had a wind farm erected nearby.  Please click here for more information.

The Davis family of Spalding were in that exact situation, and ended up actually abandoning their home and renting another elsewhere to escape the nightmare brought upon them by a windfarm development, which incidentally, they DID NOT OBJECT TO before construction.  In the end they took their case to the High Court, and settled out of court, the details of which are subject to a secrecy clause preventing them from publicising the details of the settlement.  All we know is that their home is now owned by the offending windfarm company and they paid just £125,000 for the Davis’ home that was valued at £165,000 in 2007; that’s a loss of more than 20%!!  Please click here for more information about their case.

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