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The Proposals

Proposals for a Windfarm on this site were first unveiled by ‘Banks Developments’ during 2010.  Initially their intentions were to to erect 6 wind turbines, up to 125 metres tall (410ft) which is more than 2.5 times the height of the existing turbines at Ovenden Moor, and taller than BIG BEN!!

However, Banks have since reviewed the proposals and now say that there will be 4 turbines, each of 100m in height (to tip of rotor blade).  The location of each turbine was highlighted in their last information leaflet which also includes a number of photo montages of how the developer believes the site will look with the turbines installed. 

It is proposed that there will be 2 turbines either side of the historic Bronte Way which runs all the way from Birstall to Lancashire, joining up all the famous Bronte Landmarks.  The Bronte Society have voiced their own concerns about these proposals.  Please click here to see their official blog entry from 12th April 2012.

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