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Thornton Moor is in our opinion, an area of outstanding natural beauty located near Denholme in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  It is sited next to a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’ and an Ornithological Nature Reserve which is home to at least 147 different bird species*

The land is owned by Yorkshire Water.  With numerous public rights of way running accross the moor, it is enjoyed by thousands of visitors and local residents every year.  One of the greatest tourist attractions is the historic Bronte Way (which is also known as Black Edge Lane).  This public right of way will be surrounded by turbines if the wind farm development goes ahead, sparking fury across the whole of the UK.

Location of the proposed wind turbines


 The proposed windfarm site is defined by the red outline on the map above. Note the close proximity to the South Pennines ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’ (SSSI) highlighted in green.

This site is on the brow of the hill, and spans across from the rear of the old Denholme Velvets mill, all the way across to Stubden Reservoir, opposite the salt pile at the bottom of Long Causeway.


*Source:- City of Bradford MDC – Local Development Framework for Bradford – Supplementary Planning Document: Volume 3 – Pennine Upland

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