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45m turbine planning application for Whitakers/Denholme Business Park

The Owners of the Denholme Business Park have submitted a planning application to Bradford Council for a 45m tall wind turbine at the rear of their premises.  The hub is 30m tall, and each blade is 15m long.  To put this in perspective for you, this is roughly the same overall height as the turbine at the Keelham Farm Shop, but the blades are 50% longer.  Click here to view this on the Bradford Council website.

This is the 3rd turbine application that has been submitted adjacent to Thornton Moor, but luckily the previous 2 were refused.  This is the latest to threaten our campaign to keep Thornton Moor free of wind turbines, no matter what their size.

Some people have misinterpreted our campaign over recent years, claiming we are just complaining for the sake of it, and that we are just NIMBY’s.  However, our strategy has been one of trying to prevent this area becoming a windfarm landscape, as that is ultimately on big factor that will effect whether or not Banks Renewables get their permission on Thornton Moor.

To try and prevent the metamorphisis of the landscape, we have had to object to each and every turbine planning application in the area on broadly the same grounds each time.  Where permissions have been granted, the reason has been due to their proximity to other vertical structures i.e. the pylons to the east of the A629, therefore mitigating their impact on the landscape (in their opinion).

However, in this instance at Denholme Business Park, there are no vertical industrial structures, or pylons.  What we have is a beautiful open expanse of green belt land which can be seen for miles and miles around.

Looking at the planning application itself, it’s shoddy, we kid you not.  They have miscalulated the distance of the nearest property and have omitted the Monarch Gate housing development from ALL the plans and documentation.

They claim that There are no major roads or railway lines close to the site, and as such that there have been no specific consultations with the MOD or NATS, and that no objections were received to the original proposal for a larger turbine at this site.  However, the last time we looked, the A629 is a major road, and we also would like to know what other turbine application they are referring to!

They have stated that shadow flicker will not effect anyone, as the closest houses are the flats at Denholme Gate.  This is wrong anyway (closest property is 190m away on the Monarch Gate development), and they haven’t considered any impact on the properties at Denholme House Farm Drive next to St Pauls Church, or the properties next door to the business Park opposite the church.

The applicant states that site specific noise assessment and back ground noise readings have been carried out and this concluded that none of the adjacent noise sensitive receptors will suffer from unacceptable noise disturbance from the
proposed development. However, this was based on them stating that the closest residential properties were the flats.  They have not considered any property within the Monarch Gate development, which is fatal, because many of these properties are elevated, and will therefore be closer to the height of the blades than the flats! (turbine site 316m above sea level, flats 299m, Monarch Gate properties 321m, turbine hub height 346m, overall height 361m)

We will leave it there for now.  There is much more to consider on the ecological side etc, so we will pop back online later to discuss that aspect.  Lots to say, as this site is near the Bradford Ornithological Group site, and alot of birds fly between the reservoirs over this site.  We are appalled that bearing this in mind, that their ‘survey’ was only conducted for 5 hours on one day.  Hardly long enough do you think?

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