Important update re:- Wellahead Energy, Well Heads Farm, Thornton

This is an important notice to local residents of Denholme and Thornton to inform you that the owners of Well Heads Farm have applied to vary the planning permission that they were granted back in October 2012, reference 12/02492/FUL.

The original planning permission is for 2 additional turbines similar to the one that they already have installed, with the exception that they would be 14m taller, each measuring 39m in overall height, and with 2 blades. The model is known as a WES80.

The variation they have submitted, reference 12/05043/VOC states that they now want to install turbines with 3 blades instead of 2, known as the Endurance E3120. This is the same model of turbine that has been installed on Soil Hill and at the Keelham Hall Farm Shop.

The proposed heights of the new Endurance turbines would be 34.2m, which at first glance, sounds better as they would not be as tall as the WES80′s.

However, as we are sure that you will all agree, this is a totally different turbine, which will not work at all like the WES80. There will be a cumulative impact between the new 3 blade turbines and the older 2 blade ones in the area. The blades of all the turbines in the area could, and probably will spin at different speeds, and furthermore, the applicants have not submitted any data information with regards to noise data of the new model versus the ones they had planned.

As such, we would recommend that anyone wishing to make comment refers to these concerns and requests that the whole planning application is resubmitted, ensuring a comprehensive reassessment is carried out. It is quite possible that the planners within Bradford Council would find this turbine design unacceptable in this location given how different it actually is.

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