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Calderdale Council takes us seriously… AT LAST! But what about Bradford?

Denholme residents have today received a letter from Calderdale Council notifying them of a new planning application… Yet it’s not as close as you might expect.

Back in February 2012, Banks Renewables applied to Bradford Metropolitan District Council for planning permission for a 60m wind mast only HALF A MILE from the homes situated in Denholme Gate, yet they were not informed about it, as
Bradford Council said they were not ‘immediate’ neighbours of the proposed site.

As a result, imagine the surprise when local residents opened a letter from Calderdale Council this morning, informing them of a planning application for an even bigger 80m wind mast, but this time it is over 2 miles away on Ovenden Moor.

Furthermore, this seems to be a recent change in tactic by Calderdale Council, bearing in mind that NO-ONE in Denholme was informed about a recent major planning application for 140% bigger turbines on the same site, which was approved at a meeting at Halifax Town Hall last month.

For more information about the wind mast planning application on Ovenden Moor, please click here.

To date, no further information has been forthcoming from the developer behind plans for 4 x 100m turbines on Thornton Moor. Banks Renewables had intimated that the wind mast, for which planning conditions were discharged by BMDC last month, would be erected before the end of 2012 and they would give plenty of notice to the local community. Lets see shall we?!?!?

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