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New Addition to the Skyline

Residents of Thornton and Denholme have expressed their shock at a new addition to a prominent local skyline.

Worked commenced last Wednesday (20/06/2012) on the construction of a 34m turbine at Soil Hill. Only the tower has been erected so far, but already local people are talking about how awful it looks, and how it dominates the entire skyline.

Worryingly, the Endurance 50kw turbine at Soil Hill Farm was granted planning permission back in February 2012 by CALDERDALE COUNCIL, not Bradford. The land is in the Calderdale District, but as many people have pointed out, the impact of any turbine approvals in this particular area is seen alot further afield because it is located on a hill which is approximately 400m (1,312ft) above sea level. For reference, this hill is only 20 or so meters smaller than Ovenden Moor, which as many of us know, can be seen for many, many miles!!!

Calderdale Council are currently deciding upon 3 more turbine applications on this very hill, one of which would be 45m tall, which is almost the size of one of the turbines on Ovenden Moor (48m). Further details can be found on our Turbine Tracker by clicking here. Specifically you would be looking at locations 15, 17 and 18. There are website links for each location that will take you straight to the Calderdale Council Planning Portal where you may submit any objections or comments as you wish.20120626-003440.jpg

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