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Well Heads Windfarm Planning Application Withdrawn

A planning application submitted by a farm at Well Heads in Thornton for 2 more wind turbines has been withdrawn.

The new turbines proposed by ‘Wellahead Energy Ltd’, the company formed by the local landowners, would have been in addition to the one that is already operational on the same farm, and at 39m tall they would have been nearly 60% larger.

According to the Bradford Planning Department, this usually happens when an applicant has been been advised that the plans would have been refused. By withdrawing the plans, the applicant reserves the right to reapply within 12 months without having to pay the £335 application fee twice.

The Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group has welcomed this withdrawal, and is hoping that a neighbouring farm on Ten Yards Lane will follow suit and also withdraw their planning application in the near future. Many local people went out of their way to comment on these planning applications, so hopefully the applicant will think twice about reapplying.

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