How on earth can Denholme accept delivery of these???

A lorry which overturned on an A road in Northumberland early in the morning of Monday 28th May has caused concern to the Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group.

The HGV which was carrying part of a turbine base to the Green Rigg Windfarm construction site in Ridsdale clipped the kerb on the A696 just north of Otterburn, toppling the transporter into the ditch.  The road surface was damaged as the turbine parts tumbled off the vehicle and on to adjoining land.

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In the meantime, this begs the question as to how Banks Renewables intend to physically get such parts to Thornton Moor.  All the major routes from the M62 have tight bends and junctions which will be impassible to a HGV carrying this size of load. 

The route from Halifax involves navigating Wrigley Hill, a tight hilly bend near Morrisons in Illingworth;  The route from the A650 in Keighley involves numerous small junctions and bends, including the small roundabout in Crossroads and the double bends in Denholme outside Hoyles Garage and the salt pile;  The route from Bradford City Centre also has tight junctions, including Four Lane Ends and the junction at the end of Thornton Road at Denholme Gate.

Furthermore, there is the issue of road safety throughout the journey of all the deliveries, as demonstrated by the recent accident in Denholme only a few months ago. 

To see some video clips of some turbine parts being transported, please click here.


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