Putting the record straight:- Bronte Windfarm objections are no ‘Myth’!!!!!


Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group are furious over an article that was published by the Yorkshire Post last week with the headline ‘Lets blow away myths that surround Bronte windfarm’.

The article has been written as an onslaught to everyone fighting against windfarms, not just the Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group. In fact our beautiful Moor is only mentioned a couple of times. Knowing how contentious our campaign has become, Phil Dyke has tried to use our ‘brand’ to buy himself readers.

In the instances where Thornton Moor has been mentioned, the claims made by Phil Dyke are just his opinions, and i have no doubt that they have been formed upon his belief that the proposed wind farm will make him, and Yorkshire Water alot of money!

Firstly, he claims that Thornton Moor is a ‘carefully designed and sensibly sited onshore wind farm’, followed by his second claim that it is also ‘appropriately sited’. We ask you Mr Phil Dyke, what makes you qualified to make these claims? After all, you don’t know the area and you and your ‘professional’ chums are hardly impartial, and yes, I am referring to those assisting you within the local council and university in that statement too.

Furthermore, to say that ‘protections are inherent in the planning system’ to ensure windfarms are sited appropriately is a joke, in fact I would say completely the opposite after the introduction of the new Bradford Local Development Frame Core Strategy and the National Planning Policy Framework, in which presumption is in favour of renewable energy, as demonstrated on 11th April when planning was granted for a 60m wind mast on green belt land on Thornton Moor.

The full page article published as part of the ‘Features and Analysis’ section looks to have been written by Phil Dyke, development manager for Banks Renewables, who also interestingly enough, also attended the fourth annual Yorkshire Post Environment Awards earlier that week at The Queens Hotel in Leeds.

The ‘glittering awards ceremony’, which was also partly sponsored by Banks Renewables, was also attended by Caroline Flint, Labour MP for Don Valley and Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change who gave the keynote address.

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