Ovenden Moor turbine foundations to be left in the Moor after decommission

Ovenden Moor Windfarm Repowering

Plan for Ovenden Moor Windfarm Repowering

A scoping report recently published by Yorkshire Wind Power Ltd has revealed that the concrete foundations of the existing 23, soon-to-be decommissioned turbines will remain in situ, along with the underground cables, albeit covered with topsoil.

The new turbines, measuring 115m tall and almost 2 and a half times the height of the existing turbines, will require brand new foundations 2.6m deep, and measuring 25m x 25m, along with new access tracks, anenometer and substation.


Just a Few of The Facts:-

  • Each of the new foundations will take almost 4,000 tonnes of concrete to fill, meaning overall more than 35,000 tonnes of fresh concrete will be injected into the moorland.

  • It will take over 200 HGV movements to deliver enough concrete for each turbine foundation, meaning there will be nearly 2,000 HGV movements in total for all 9 turbine bases (double this up again to include the movements when leaving the site too).

  • There will be as many movements again to remove the soil arising from the excavation of the moorland (if they don’t use it on site).

Full details of the plans to be submitted by YWPL, a joint venture between Energy Power Resources Ltd (EPRL) and E.ON Climate and Renewables (E.ON), has recently been published on their website and can be viewed by clicking here.

TMWAG will be making comment once we have throroughly studied the document.  Already we can see that the residential properties at Denholme Gate have not been used as a viewpoint, even though they are some of the closest houses to the windfarm.

Should you wish to make comment on this document, please contact Beatrice Haigh at Calderdale Council by emailing beatrice.haigh@calderdale.gov.uk or telephone (01422) 392257.

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