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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Turbine Tracker Updated * Urgent Information Added*

We are pleased to confirm that our Turbine Tracker Has today been updated to include all up to date applications and decisions as of 23/11/2012.

Some of the most important updates include:-

  1. New Planning Application for a 35m turbine at the rear of the Ring O’ Bells Public House in Thornton;
  2. New Planning Application for a 25m turbine at Upper Fold Farm, off Bradshaw Lane in Halifax;
  3. Refusal of 2 turbines on Sawood Lane near Thornton Moor Reservoir;
  4. Approval of a 20m turbine at Bridle Stile Lane, Queensbury.

Full details of these changes can be seen by simply clicking on the turbine you are interested in.  Most icons also have a website link which will take you to the planning application page for that turbine.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

New 115m turbines on Ovenden Moor given planning consent


The Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group are disappointed to announce that plans to repower the Ovenden Moor Windfarm were today given the go-ahead by Calderdale Council.

Despite receiving 108 letters of objection from all over the world, and fierce opposition by ourselves and the Bronte Society, the Calderdale Council Planning Panel voted unanimously in favour of replacing the 23 smaller turbines with 9 larger industrial turbines which will be 140% bigger.

The Bronte Society have expressed their ‘disappointment’ at today’s decision via a press release this afternoon which was published on their blog which reads 
"We feel that this decision demonstrates a lack of consideration for a unique heritage landscape which has internationally renowned cultural associations. It shows, also, an insensitive disregard for the negative impact upon the environment and upon the local economy of Haworth and the area known as Brontë Country."

The plans will now need to be put before the Secretary of State for further approval before construction commences.

As a local community campaigning against plans for another windfarm on Thornton Moor which adjoins Ovenden Moor, TMWAG are also disappointed that this scheme has been granted permission.  We find it unacceptable that turbines so large will be allowed to be erected to close to a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and that a further 40,000 tonnes of concrete will be injected into this moorland,  over and above the concrete that will be left in the ground once the old turbines have been removed.  We also share the concerns of the Bronte Society with regards to visual impact in the local area, from both a tourism aspect, and that of local residents who will have to suffer the impact of these machines.

Here in the Denholme, Thornton and Queensbury areas, we are currently seeing a dramatic increase in the number of wind turbines being erected, be them small turbines on school premises or larger turbines on farmland.  The landscape architect at Bradford Council has already ackowledged that we are close to ‘saturation point’ with regards to wind turbines, but no one will categorically state what that saturation point is.  As such, it seems to be a free for all, with most turbines being approved, as recent decisions for turbines at the Keelham Farm Shop and Well Heads Farm have demonstrated.

If you would like to help us in our fight against the scam that is wind energy, please visit the petition section of our website and make your voice known.  Thank you for your support.