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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Ovenden Windfarm Open Day cancelled

Having booked in for a visit to the existing Ovenden Moor Windfarm today at 10am, we turned up clad in our wet weather gear, only to be turned away by an Eon employee.

Needless to say that having not been told about the cancellation, we were annoyed at being turned away. However, we were told that due to the health and safety risks from the thunder and lightening in the area, no one is allowed within the windfarm.

Now that we have been told that directly by a windfarm employee, TMWAG would like to know if the Bronte Way will be classed as part of the windfarm, and will that too be off bounds to the public in such weather if our 4 turbines are given the go ahead????

An Eon representative has confirmed this afternoon that the entire event for Friday and Saturday has now been cancelled. However if anyone would indeed still like to take a visit to see inside a turbine, please get in touch with us at and we will try our best to arrange something for us as a group.

There’s more to Denholme than Windfarms!!

Denholme Town Council is holding a Community Engagement Event on 19th July 2012, in the hope that local residents will attend and tell local councillors what they think about their community and how it could be improved.

Full details can be found on the attached poster. Please circulate amongst others in Denholme as much as you can, including the elderly, and with people that may not have access to the Internet.


Planning Application for 2 Turbines submitted in Oakworth

Tewitt Hall Farm on White Lane, Oakworth is the latest to apply for multiple wind turbines.

The 2 Endurance 50kw turbines are the exact same turbine to the one installed only last week at Soil Hill, opposite Keelham Farm Shop. They are a total of 34.2m tall, not 24.6m as indicated in the title of the planning application on Bradford Council’s website (24.6 is only the height of the tower WITHOUT the blades added on).

For more information, please click here to be taken to our ‘Turbine Tracker’.  The Tewitt Hall turbines are numbered 62 and 63 on the list, with Soil Hill being number 61.