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Campaign signs vandalised in Denholme

Members of the Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group are appalled by recent acts of vandalism in Denholme.

4 campaign banners have been vandalised within a week, the total of which amounts to hundreds of pounds.

All the damage has been reported to West Yorkshire Police who are now investigating a few lines of enquiry. We have attached a photograph of one of the damaged banners in the hope that someone may recognise the handwriting, which is the same on all the signs that have been written on.

In the meantime, it is business as usual for the campaign, and all signs will be repaired or replaced very shortly.

If you have a prominent position on which you would be willing to display a campaign banner, please get in touch and help us fight against the industrialisation of our green belt.


Ovenden Windfarm Open Day cancelled

Having booked in for a visit to the existing Ovenden Moor Windfarm today at 10am, we turned up clad in our wet weather gear, only to be turned away by an Eon employee.

Needless to say that having not been told about the cancellation, we were annoyed at being turned away. However, we were told that due to the health and safety risks from the thunder and lightening in the area, no one is allowed within the windfarm.

Now that we have been told that directly by a windfarm employee, TMWAG would like to know if the Bronte Way will be classed as part of the windfarm, and will that too be off bounds to the public in such weather if our 4 turbines are given the go ahead????

An Eon representative has confirmed this afternoon that the entire event for Friday and Saturday has now been cancelled. However if anyone would indeed still like to take a visit to see inside a turbine, please get in touch with us at and we will try our best to arrange something for us as a group.

There’s more to Denholme than Windfarms!!

Denholme Town Council is holding a Community Engagement Event on 19th July 2012, in the hope that local residents will attend and tell local councillors what they think about their community and how it could be improved.

Full details can be found on the attached poster. Please circulate amongst others in Denholme as much as you can, including the elderly, and with people that may not have access to the Internet.


Parliament requests submissions on the economics of wind power

The Energy and Climate Change Committee will hold a public evidence session on the Economics of Wind Power at 10.00 am on Tuesday 10 July.

The Committee invites short submissions of evidence with a limit of two A4 sides (see ‘Notes on Submissions’ below). These may contain references or links to other documents and material but should briefly set out the key points.

Evidence should be submitted by 5pm on 27 June. Submissions should contain an indication of whether or not you would like to give oral evidence to the Committee.

Witnesses for the session will be selected on the basis of the submissions received and will be notified on 3 July as to whether they will be called.

The Committee is particularly interested in the following, although written submission need not address all, or be confined to, these questions:

What do cost benefit analyses tell us about onshore and offshore wind compared with other measures to cut carbon?

What do the latest assessments tell us about the costs of generating electricity from wind power compared to other methods of generating electricity?

How do the costs of onshore wind compare to offshore wind?

What are the costs of building new transmission links to wind farms in remote areas and how are these accounted for in cost assessments of wind power?

What are the costs associated with providing back up capacity for when the wind isn’t blowing, and how are these accounted for in cost assessments of wind power?

How much support does wind power receive compared with other forms of renewable energy?

Is it possible to estimate how much consumers pay towards supporting wind power in the UK? (i.e. separating out from other renewables)

What lessons can be learned from other countries?

What methods could be used to make onshore wind more acceptable to communities that host them?

Tim Yeo MP, Chair of the Committee, said: “Government policy on wind power should be based on sound economics and engineering, not political pressure from a small vocal minority – whether that be green campaigners or anti-wind protestors.

In this session we want to cut through all the hot air talked about wind power and examine whether the economics really add up.

Wind farms are over forty times less polluting than gas burning power stations – per unit of energy produced – but there are concerns about the costs to consumers.

We will be asking if the Chancellor is right to consider cutting onshore wind power subsidies? And how much these subsidies really add to our electricity bills?

Does it really make financial sense to generate low-carbon electricity from wind? Or are there cheaper ways to cut carbon emissions from our power stations?”

The Committee is participating in a visit to the London Array and Gunfleet Sands Windfarms on 13 June.

Notes on Submissions

Submissions should be in Word or rich text format, please do not use PDF format, and sent by e-mail to The e-mail should make clear which organisation or individual the submission is from and include a contact name, telephone number and postal address. Any hard copies should be sent to: The Clerk, Energy and Climate Change Committee, 7 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA. The deadline is 5pm on 27 June.

Submissions should be no longer than two A4 sides. Paragraphs should be numbered for ease of reference and the document should, if possible, include an executive summary.

Submissions should be original work written for the Committee, not previously published or circulated elsewhere. Once submitted, your submission becomes the property of the Committee and no public use should be made of it unless you have first obtained permission from the Clerk of the Committee. Please bear in mind that Committees are not able to investigate individual cases.

The Committee normally, though not always, chooses to publish the written evidence it receives, either by printing the evidence, publishing it on the internet or by making it publicly available through the Parliamentary Archives. If there is any information you believe to be sensitive you should highlight it and explain what harm you believe would result from its disclosure; the Committee will take this into account in deciding whether to publish or further disclose the evidence.

For data protection purposes, it would be helpful if individuals wishing to submit written evidence send their contact details in a covering letter. You should be aware that there may be circumstances in which the House of Commons will be required to communicate information to third parties on request, in order to comply with its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Banks really are coining it in…

…and we don’t mean Banks Rewewables believe it or not!

A simple internet search has revealed that Yorkshire Water is part of the Kelda Group, which was acquired in 2008 by the ‘Saltaire Water Global Infrastructure Fund’.  This entity is a consortium made up of organisations including HSBC, Infracapital, Citigroup and GIC (the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation).

‘So what?’ I hear you ask. Well there are 2 issues to be aware of;

1) Some of the profits being generated now are making their way across to the bankers, some of which aren’t even in this country.  HSBC have already sold their stake to the other members of the consortium, making Citi Infrastructure Investors the majority stakeholder at 47%.  Also, the holding company, Kelda Holdings Ltd is actually based in Jersey, where many UK businesses seek respite from the high levels of tax payable in their own country.

2) Yorkshire Water owns 80,000 acres of land, thus is one of the region’s largest land owners.  That’s alot of wind turbines they could install across the region.  Bearing in mind that Yorkshire Water was originally born from privatisation, this is land that was basically gifted to them in the 1980′s.

So the moral of the story is… don’t think that Yorkshire Water will not try to make the most of their land.  As well as looking at developing a wind farm at Thornton Moor, they are currently exploring the possibility of erecting 24 turbines in the Harrogate area.  They have already erected turbines at Loftsome Bridge Treatment works in Hull, Ovenden Moor is due for repowering soon, and planning permission is currently being sought for a 85m turbine at Graincliffe Reservoir in Bingley.  We would think that they may also appeal to have turbines erected at Chelker Reservoir near Bolton Abbey, and Thornton Steward in Wensleydale.

We would imagine that one Kelda company, Kelda Eurobond, having directors with many other directorships in wind farm companies may be the drive behind their strategy.  One example is James Cooper, who has at least 9 wind farm directorships under his belt.

Despite the above information, there still lies a very important question…

What does YW/Kelda/Saltaire Water or whatever they want to call themselves, stand to gain by leasing their land to another developer, when they are more than capable of developing their own windfarm, as currently being demonstrated in Harrogate?  It cannot be that they are afraid of backlash from their proposals, because the ‘Save the Dales’ campaign is giving them a run for their money, just as is TMWAG to Banks.  It could be that they are perhaps trying to give the illusion that it is someone else subitting the contentious proposals for Thornton Moor, after all, they are choosing contentious sites elsewhere, and to add another contentious site to their list could be a PR nightmare… couldn’t it?

If you have any ideas, answers on a postcard please!!

Win an Ashley Jackson Limited Edition, or a day for 4 at Bradford City

20120530-213718.jpgAshley Jackson, the watercolorist who contacted us back in April to pledge his support to our campaign, has kindly agreed to donate a limited edition of ‘Top Withens’.

The following is an extract taken from Ashley’s website:-

"To celebrate 50 years in the profession as an artist, I am very excited to be able to share with you the first showing of ‘Wuthering Heights’, a painting and location that are very close to my heart."

Therefore, Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group are very proud to announce that we will be running a prize draw and will be offering this magnificent piece of artwork as our first ever prize alongside other prizes which have also been donated, including the use of a Bradford City Football Club corporate box for up to 4 people at Valley Parade, courtesy of SP Insurance Services Ltd and a Collection of Usborne Childrens Books worth £50, courtesy of Anthea Orchard, your local Usborne Books Representative

To be in with a chance of winning one of these amazing prizes, including the limited edition Ashley Jackson piece worth £325, all you have to do is make a donation to our ‘Fighting Fund’.  As a thank you for your donation, for every £10 you donate, you will be allocated a share for the prize draw, so the more you donate, the greater the chance you will have of winning.  Simples!!

There will be no closing date for donations.  Instead we have set a fundraising target that we would like to reach. Once this target has been reached, we will announce the winner.

If you would like to make a donation via paypal, please click on the donations tab at the top of the screen.  Otherwise. please email us for our postal address to which you can send cheques.  We also welcome anyone wishing to set up a regular standing order, as our fundraising efforts will need to continue for some time (unfortunately!)  Please ask us for our bank details.

In the meatime our heartfelt gratitude goes to our generous benefactors for donating such generous prizes to our campaign.

If you cannot wait to get your hands on some of Ashley’s work, you can visit his studio in Holmfirth, or go to his website

Turbine Tracker Updated!

Several new additions have been made to the TMWAG Turbine Tracker, including pending planning applications for a turbine near the Flappits Pub at Cullingworth, and the 84m turbine near Dick Hudsons at Eldwick.  Please click here for more information.

Wind mast due within 2 months

Banks Renewables have confirmed that the wind mast will be erected on Thornton Moor within the next 6-8 weeks (correct as of 23rd May 2012).

Confirmation of this expected installation period was confirmed to Denholme Town Council after they wrote to the company asking the question, so they could keep residents informed.

Banks Renewables have otherwise not made any contact with anyone in the local community to inform them of the progress of their project, despite claims in all their press releases that they will “continue to keep everyone fully up-to-date” as they move towards finalising our planning application.”

Calling all photographers!!

Do you have a special photograph of Thornton Moor that you would like including on our gallery? Old or recent, professional or amateur, we would love to see your take on what this area means to you.

Please e-mail your photos to

If you do not approve of your photos being published, shared or used for our campaign materials, please add a copyright marking to your photos before emailing them to us.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing your pics!!!


Have you signed our petitions?

If you haven’t done so already, please visit our online petition page to see how your voice can help us, and other windfarm action groups to defeat the greedy developers that are attacking the British countryside.